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Snowland Reviews

Alan Jowett Canada

Alan photoJust back in Ottawa 15 lbs lighter but happy to be home and delighted with the trip. After all of our initial concerns about the trip, Snowlands and Pakistan in general delivered an amazing experience.  Our extension to Nanga Parbat was very worthwhile and it was a pleasure to spend some time with Kamal and our jeep driver (I will not attempt to spell his name).  The jeep trip back to Islamabad  by the short cut(From Babusar Pass-Naran Kaghan) was epic and the shower after arriving a splendid moment!

I enjoyed trekking with you and would do it again anytime - we should keep the discussion regarding Wakhan Corridor Trek Afghanistan alive!

As for everyone, if you are in my area, there is a comfortable bed free anytime (or you might opt to sleep in my tent in the yard with the bear) - this applies to everyone except Alfredo who must sleep in the barn!)

Alan K2 / Gondogoro La Trek and Nanga Parbat Jullipar Peak Climb 2012 

Bertrand Hochart France
  Bertrand Bonjour,  J ai utilisé les services de snowland trek and tour en juillet 2011.Nous avons,Pascal,mathew(un australien)et moi effectué le biafo_hispar trek.Nous n avons finalement eu besoin que de 9 jours.  les prix proposés par Kamal Hussain sont de loin les moins chers du marché;J avais deja hésité en 2009 a utilisé les services de snowland mais mes compagnons trekkers ont eu peur que les prix moins chers que la concurrence cachent une qualite de service moindre.  En fait,j ai fait le k2 trek + gondorola avec une autre agence et les services sont les memes;on a meme eu droit a une tente individuelle.le guide ,AKBAR HUSSAIN est tres competent pour la marche sur technique pakistanaise d encordement ,un trekkeur ou porteur tout les 1 metre cinquante nous surprend en tant que francais mais est efficace sur ce type de glacier.

Nous avions 9 porteurs + 1 mule et 2 muletiers les 3 premiers jours. Les repas ,peu varies le midi,etaient bons le soir et tres bon et varies au petit dejeuner.

 Pour le trajet de skardu a askole et celui du retour de hispar a karimabad nous avons eu une jeep pour nous 3 + le guide ce qui n est pas le cas avec toute les compagnies.les horaires de depart ont ete respecte.

 En plus,ils nous ont offert 2 nuits gratuites dans la gh que nous avions choisi,sans doute parce que nous avions mis 3 jours de moins que prevu pour faire le trek.

Snowlake, Biafo and Hispar La Trek 2011 Bertrand Hochart France

Bruno Crorara Brazil/USA

BrunoIn the summer of 2011 I participated in the K2 Basecamp and Gondogoro La Trek with Snowland and had a great experience.

 Snowland Treks and Tours was very helpful and responsive from the very beginning. I decide to sign up for the tour in the last minute and was concerned about getting a visa on time. During this period it was difficult for American citizens to attain visas to Pakistan, but Snowland was very helpful and worked closely with the consulate in LA to make sure I would receive the visa on time. I also had many questions for them in terms of preparation and they very quick to answer all of my questions thoroughly.

 When I arrived in Pakistan I had a few extra days in Islamabad, and one of the owners of the company personally spent the entire day with me taking me out to lunch and showing me the main attractions of the city. On subsequent days he made all the arrangements for me to see other cities and I had a wonderful time.

 We had difficulties with the weather when it came time to start the trek, and we were not able to fly to Skardu. Snowland arranged for us to arrive there by Jeep and ensured we wouldn't lose any time trekking.The trek went quite well and I was very pleased with the level of service from the entire expedition team. The guide, Abbas, was particularly kind and knowledgeable, and went out of his way to make sure everyone in the group enjoyed themselves.

 The cooks were also excellent and they served generous portions with lots of variety. All of the porters were cheerful, friendly, and hard working.

 Overall I had an excellent experience and I am very happy to recommend Snowland to anyone interested in having a great adventure!

Bruno K2 Basecamp and Gondogoro La Trek  2011

Campbell Macdiarmid-New Zealand


In August of 2011, I completed a challenging trek with Snowland Treks and Tours along the length of the Baltoro Glacier, one of the longest in the world, to the "throne room of the mountain gods,” a place with the highest concentration of 8000m peaks in the world. Throughout this long and arduous trek our group was led, fed, encouraged and supported by a wonderful team of porters, guides and cooks from Snowland. It goes without saying that it was their work that made the trip not only possible but enjoyable - it was in fact the trip of a lifetime. I would encourage anyone interested in making such a trip in Pakistan to contact Kamal at Snowland Treks and Tours. He was prompt in replying to emails and quick to put my mind at ease by responding to any questions or concerns that I had.

K2 Base Camp and Gondogoro La Trek 2011

Campbell Macdiarmid-New Zealand

Janusz Kus (Poland/ Canada)

JanuszThank you for the wonderful Gondogoro La trekking experience, thank you for Pakistan and its people, everything was perfect. I will never forget this adventure, and I already have shared my experience with my family and friends.

Thank you for your involvement and for all you have done personally to make the trek a very nice challenging adventure.

I would like to thank Akabar, Shahid, and all porters for their effort to make our trek successful.

Photo Album

Janusz  K2 Base Camp and Gondogoro La Trek 2012  

K2 Base Camp and Nanga Parbat Trek


Snowland is a perfect fit for independent adventurers. I have traveled, trekked, climbed, rafted, sailed, dove and ridden or used camels, elephants, horses, mules and yaks in an attempt to sate my appetite for wild places. Fifty-nine countries over five decades is only a good start. Using Snowland, I have visited Concordia, the Deosi and Fairy Meadows.

I have dined with Kamal at an exquisite outdoor restaurant in Islamabad under a big Pakistani full moon during Ramadan. I always felt safe and consider Kamal my friend.

His ability to understand the needs of each traveler- “I want to go here not there, I want to see this not this, I want a slower/faster pace”- this flexibility makes the man and his company useful and dependable for the independent adventurer. There are bigger companies, slicker operators and cheaper offerings but in future, I will again use Kamal Hussein and Snowland.

 John H. Eickert, USA 2012  

Karakoram Grand Base Camps
In the summer of 2010 me and four friends did the Gondogora La trek. We got in contact with Kamal and Snowland prior to the trip and had several Skype-calls and lots of emails in order to plan the trip. We were able to customize it to our wishes, so that we for example were able to visit the Dunge-glacier and have a closer look on the Norwegian Pillar on the Great Trango Tower. 
 It was extremely comfortable to have Kamal organizing everything for us, and it didn't by any incident feel hostile to visit a region that tend to get som negative newscoverage. During the trek we were equipped with a great bunch of happy porters, an excellent english speaking guide Akhbar Hussain, a great chef, some friendly donkeys and a goat. The food that were served was reasonably good but I still lost 5 kg over the month that we stayed in Pakistan. 
We made some video from the trip that is availiable her; We also wrote some blogposts in norwegian that were posted here:
Martin Nerhus Øen , Norway 2010

Miguel Angel Sobrino Martinez Spain


Hola Me llamo Miguel Angel Sobrino y durante el mes de julio de 2011 estuve en Pakistan haciendo el trekking del K2 – Gondogoro La. Queria comentar mi viaje para la gente que esta pensando en viajar a Pakistan y tiene ciertas dudas.

Durante todo el viaje me sentí completamente seguro y muy ayudado por todos los pakistaníes (incluso un dia por ejemplo me devolvieron mi movil que perdi por el camino en una jornada del trekking). Pakistan en el Baltoro es completamente seguro y en la KKH tampoco sentí ningún tipo de peligro, mas alla del propio de esa famosa carretera. Lo único malo de Pakistan son las carreteras, la comida en las zonas turísticas es buena y siempre hay agua embotellada. Durante el trekking el agua se hierve y tampoco hay problema, ademas sinceramente durante el trekking el tema de las comida y bebidas nos sentíamos como en un hotel a pesar de dormir en tiendas. Solo perdi 4 kilos en 22 dias y bueno mis compañeros menos.

Contrate el trekking con la agencia pakistaní Snowland Trek & Tours

Todo lo que puedo decir de esta agencia es positivo, muy positivo. Son buenos, fiables y Muy Muy baratos. Quiero ademas reseñar que cuando hubo problemas los solucionaron enseguida y que me ayudaron (y mucho) cuando ya no era su cometido, ya que solo contrate el trekking con ellos y estuve por Pakistan varios días mas (incluso me acompañaron al aeropuerto y gestionaron el cambio de avión para mi regreso a España y sin querer nada a cambio). La agencia la lleva Kamal Hussain, el contesta al mail muy rápido y nunca tendréis ningún problema, ya que os ayudara en todo momento cuando estéis allí, o con el visado cuando estéis por España.

Fuimos 6 trekker y llevamos 28 porteadores al principio mas el guía, cocinero y un ayudante de cocina. Tambien tuve el placer de contar con el asesoramiento de Sebastian Alvaro y tengo que recomendaros la estancia en el hotel de Hushe cuando terminéis el trekking, ya que es un hotel construido por el, con una biblioteca increíble de libros en español,  y en un paraje precioso y lleno de montañas y valles algunos aun por explorar.

Bueno pues eso solo queria poner este mensaje para la gente que tenga dudas sobre este trekking o sobre Pakistan. La verdad que ha sido una pasada el viaje y me han quedado muchas ganas de volver otro año a otra zona.

Contactarme si quereis en mi mail Gracias y un saludo. K2 Base Camp and Gondogoro La Trek 2011

Piotre Paryzek (Poland)

I spent a memorable vacation with my family in Pakistan with Snowland Treks & Tours. As Pakistan is not quite an easy country to visit, we decided to arrange the whole 30 days with an agency. Starting in Islamabad, we went by jeep thorugh theKarakoram Highway and hiked to the Nanga Parbat Base Camp. Then we moved to Skardu and hiked all the way through Baltoro Glacier to Concordia and back. Finally we spent a few days in Hunza to rest for a while and stretch our legs. before coming back home.

I can surely recommend Snowland Treks & Tours as an excellent agency with very good e-mail contact, tailored trips (we arranged the whole itinerary independently), great guides and good prices.

As for the very tricky issue of safety in Pakistan, we were quite afraid of what would happen. However, we felt that the atmosphere, especially in the mountains, was quite normal, just like in other Muslim countries.

As for the photos, please visit my webpage Piotre K2 base camp Trek 2009

Poh Leng Ling Malaysia

pohIt will be best memory to my life to be able to witness these fascinating mountains view. It’s my great achievement. I sincerely thank you to my supportive guide Shahid and Abbas, the cook Mohammed helping me crossing the la, and last but not least the hard working porters. 

Well done Snowland.

Poh K2 and Gondogoro La Trek

Steve Gibbs UK


So you're considering trekking in northern Pakistan.  Do it!  I guarantee it'll be one of the best thing you ever do!  I spent ages doing research on trekking companies, as there's hundreds out there, but very few give you that elusive combination of excellent service at a fabulous price!   Snowland indeed ticks those boxes.   Kamal is responsive to your queries and assists in collating groups of trekkers together, as economies of scale yield more favorable prices for all, plus a group of 7 to 10 people broadens the conversation, as you'll be spending two-weeks or so trekking the mighty Karakorum together! 

As a group of ten, of differing nationalities, we can attest that the food on trek was filling and tasty, the guides/porters professional and friendly, whilst the logistics; in terms of visas, visa extensions, transport to/from Skardu, hotels, camping, communication, welcome meetings, etc, were well above par.  Further to my trek, I spent two months in Pakistan, travelling around the country, during which I spent several evenings with Kamal - in both Skardu and Islamabad - hence can attest to his professional attitude and strong business acumen.  Don't make excuses to yourself or worry about security in Pakistan - it'll be the best journey you'll ever make!

Best Wishes, Steve K2 base camp Trek 2011

Thomas Kelehan USA
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA "The trek to Concordia with Snowland was an experience I'll never forget.  The hospitality Kamal and his brothers extended towards me and my fellow trekkers went way beyond all of our expectations.  They always went that extra mile to make sure our trip was a success.  I would not hesitate to book another trip with Snowland." Tom  K2 Base Camp Trek 2009  

Tom (USA) 2012

For testimonial


I have had a wonderful time with Snowland and all the trekkers on the trail. I can't thank you enough for organizing such a fantastic trek for all of us. Your whole staff are amazing: thoughtful, knowledgeable, courtesy, and patient. If you happen to visit northern California, please drop me a email and be sure to stop by.

Keep in touch! Tom

K2 and Gondogoro La trek 2012

Tom Beavers, Seattle, Washington, USA


I did a customized trek with Snowland Treks,Tours, and Expeditions to Trango Towers, K2, Broad, and Gasherbrum I and II base camps during July 2013.  It was a fantastic trek that I'll never forget.  The scenery was magnificent and the local people that we met were so friendly and hospitable.  Kamal did a fabulous job of organizing it.  He hired a very experienced guide, cook, and local porters.  The itinerary was perfect.  On many days, we'd walk 5 to 6 hours and then arrive at our tent camp for plenty of rest, visiting, eating, washing, and time for photography and reading.  Along the trail, our guide and porters would point out various mountains and points of interest.  The cook always fed us generous amount of healthy food three times a day so our bellies were happy and we had plenty of energy to continue the trek.  During many of the trekking days, we'd stop for lunch for an hour or an hour and a half while the cook and his helpers prepared a meal among the scenic beauty.  Most of the trip, we were trekking on the Baltoro glacier. Unlike other Himalayan treks that I've done, everything needed to be carried in from Askole, a small town located in the Shigar Valley, and the last settlement before the Karakorum wilderness.  Our "staff" even walked a goat in several days so we'd have fresh meat!  Kamal thought of everything!

If you do a trek in this area, I recommend reading Greg Mortenson's Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace...One School at a Time.  The beginning of this book takes place in Askole, as a weary Mortenson descends off of K2.  As we met the residents of Askole, they were so proud of Greg Mortenson.  They would point out the schools that he built.  I also had the privilege of meeting Kamal's brother, a physician, along with some Italian physicians who were staffing a local health clinic in Askole.  The residents of Askole were so wonderful to meet too. I felt safe during the entire month that I was in Pakistan.  After long conversations with Kamal over email and by reading other blogs, I decided to do the trek and see part of Pakistan.  Kamal assured me that I would be safe.  I am so happy that I did this trip.  Kamal met me after my arrival and he took me to a lovely Pakistani restaurant in downtown Islamabad.  We would walk the streets together, after dark, and I always felt safe.  Later on, my friends and I felt comfortable walking around late in the evening and taking taxi's anywhere.  It was exciting to be in a such a foreign city with few tourists around.  We flew to Skardu with Kamal, the nearest airport to Askole.  Before the trek, we were treated to a couple days of exploring Skardu and the surrounding area. Post trek, Kamal ask if we'd like to fly back to Islamabad or take the two drive along the Karakorum Highway.  We choose the later to see more of the Country.  What a fascinating trip!  Kamal told us such fascinating stories about the people, the scenery, and Pakistan's history.  Back in Islamabad, we had time to visit Pindi, Islamabad's neighboring city and some authentic old street markets. My goal is to see the base camps of the fourteen 8000m peaks in the world.  On this trip, I got to see four of them therefore; I need to return to see one of the base camps of Nanga Parbat on my next trip.  I have only three more base camps to see - Nanga Parbat, Makalu in Nepal, and Shishapangma, in Tibet.  Kamal, thank you so much for such a lovely adventure.  I look forward to doing another trip with you soon.

Karakorum Grand Base Camps 2013

Tom Beavers, Seattle, Washington, USA

Hushe &Gondogoro Valley 2012- Australia
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K2 base camp and Gondogoro la 2012
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