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Climbing Tips

Follow some basic tips and guides for a safe and enjoyable climbing adventure.

  1. Being fit and healthy is the first and foremost necessity to experience safe and successful rock climbing adventure. Therefore, do warm-up and stretching exercises prior to climbing. It improves the blood circulation in the body and brings flexibility needed for climbing. Proper warm and exercise helps preventing serious injuries and reduces muscle strain.
  2. Do get an idea of all possible physical climbing techniques and moves before heading for climbing sport. Do make points in your mind on how to reach the top with least possible difficulties. Do preview the whole route before climbing at it.
  3. Do take a look at the climbing route from the ground before you begin it. Ascertain of what you want to take along.
  4. Always check safety knots before starting climbing. Also check that the ropes are properly tied through both the harness leg loops and waist loop.
  5. Before heading for climbing do check whether the harnesses of both the belayer’s and climber’s buckles are doubled back.
  6. While climbing, do check the rope position. Climbing rope should be tied over your legs rather between or behind legs. Wrongly positioned rope can be dangerous if you fall down as it can slip upside down and could bang your head with the cliff.
  7. Opt for a climbing helmet for safety while climbing. Climbing helmets keep you safe from falling rock pieces or head injuries.
  8. Do choose a lengthy rope while climbing. Be sure that your climbing rope is long enough to reach the lower back down on a belay ledge on multi pitch routes.
  9. While climbing, if you have even a slightest doubt of rope being shorter than expected do apply stopper knot at the end point of the rope to avoid falling down the cliff.
  10. Avoid over-gripping as it can over strain your forearms and makes you tired. Just relax and remain conscious of your grip and force you applied to hold yourself at that point. Make a balance and ameliorate your endurance. Keep your back and shoulders as relaxed as possible.
  11. If you are climbing in a group, do always pay attention to all the instructions provided by the leader or instructor climbing above.
  12. Do not take your leader off belay unless you are sure enough that he is safely tied.
  13. Be sure that you have clipped your climbing rope properly through quickdraws and carabiners accurately. Do use locking carabiners at right areas of rope.
  14. Avoid back slipping your rope. Make sure that your climbing rope runs back to front rather than front to back.
  15. Do use safety anchors while climbing. After reaching at the top of route do use at least two anchors. While being on a sport route, use locking carabiners when lowering down off the anchor’s top rope.
  16. Finally, observe and learn from experienced and good climbers. Do practice good rock climbing techniques while climbing. Constant practice will certainly improve your performance.