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K2 and Gondogoro La Trip Report 2011

Trekking at Concordia and Gondogoro la never cross my mind until last year I visited Pakistan, and trekked in Rush Phari. Pakistan has plenty of beautiful mountains ranges, and glaciers are everywhere.  I decided to go back again this year to take more challenging trek to concordia and crossing the la. The views are magnificent and beyond word.

 I did some small trek in Nepal and India before, but never did a long trek or up to base camp. I have to say my fitness level only moderate and being only female in the team.  I was nervous at the beginning of the trek.Thanks goodnesseverything went well with me.

 The views were so fascinating, started with the head of Baltoro Glacier to see Trago Tower and Trago Group.  Later In Concordia, with the blessing of good weather, K2, Broad Peak, G4, Mitre and other peaks were so stunning in front of us.

Shahid Balaz and Me

Shahid Balaz and Me

It will be best memory to my life to be able to witness these fascinating mountains view. It’s my great achievement. I sincerely thank you to my supportive guide Shahid and Abbas, the cook Mohammed helping me crossing the la, and last but not least the hard working porters. 

 Well done Snowland.

Best Regards,

Poh Leng Malaysia