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Tailor Made Holidays

Snowland Treks & Tours has many years’ experience running small group adventures to remote destinations in Asia and we’ve brought that same expertise to our tailor-made adventure holidays. If you love the journeys we offer but would like a personalised itinerary for just yourself and partner, family, group of friends, charity or school expedition, why not use our expertise to arrange your very own tailor made tour?

We can offer private versions of any of our trips or tailor many of them to create a unique and very personal travel experience. For all ages, all types of tour styles of travel and for any size of group. We love putting our personal, firsthand knowledge of the destinations to the test…to provide you with an independent travel experience without the hassle.


 Group Size: Any size for an existing Snowland itinerary or a tailored and personally designed itinerary.

 Departure Date: choose your own departure date

 Tour Leader: An experienced English speaking Guide accompanies every group trip.

 Accommodation: Choose the style to suit your needs. We can match the style of accommodation to your budget or requirements.

 Transport: Depending on the itinerary, it may include walking, private vehicle, public bus, cycling, plane, boat, train. Talk to us about your preferred mode of transport.

 Inclusions: If you have a specific budget, a particular activity in mind, a special event to attend, or a specific destination to explore we can tailor the itinerary to meet your needs.

 Let us know your personal travel itinerary by emailing  and we’ll tailor it to your needs. Alternatively click here to fill out our Booking form to create your perfect trip