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Karakoram Grand Base Camps

In the summer of 2010 me and four friends did the Gondogora La trek. We got in contact with Kamal and Snowland prior to the trip and had several Skype-calls and lots of emails in order to plan the trip. We were able to customize it to our wishes, so that we for example were able to visit the Dunge-glacier and have a closer look on the Norwegian Pillar on the Great Trango Tower. 
 It was extremely comfortable to have Kamal organizing everything for us, and it didn’t by any incident feel hostile to visit a region that tend to get som negative newscoverage. During the trek we were equipped with a great bunch of happy porters, an excellent english speaking guide Akhbar Hussain, a great chef, some friendly donkeys and a goat. The food that were served was reasonably good but I still lost 5 kg over the month that we stayed in Pakistan. 
We made some video from the trip that is availiable her; We also wrote some blogposts in norwegian that were posted here:
Martin Nerhus Øen , Norway 2010