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Steve Gibbs UK


So you’re considering trekking in northern Pakistan.  Do it!  I guarantee it’ll be one of the best thing you ever do!  I spent ages doing research on trekking companies, as there’s hundreds out there, but very few give you that elusive combination of excellent service at a fabulous price!   Snowland indeed ticks those boxes.   Kamal is responsive to your queries and assists in collating groups of trekkers together, as economies of scale yield more favorable prices for all, plus a group of 7 to 10 people broadens the conversation, as you’ll be spending two-weeks or so trekking the mighty Karakorum together! 

As a group of ten, of differing nationalities, we can attest that the food on trek was filling and tasty, the guides/porters professional and friendly, whilst the logistics; in terms of visas, visa extensions, transport to/from Skardu, hotels, camping, communication, welcome meetings, etc, were well above par.  Further to my trek, I spent two months in Pakistan, travelling around the country, during which I spent several evenings with Kamal – in both Skardu and Islamabad – hence can attest to his professional attitude and strong business acumen.  Don’t make excuses to yourself or worry about security in Pakistan – it’ll be the best journey you’ll ever make!

Best Wishes,


K2 base camp Trek 2011