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Travel Checklist

With so many things to remember before you travel, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start. Our Travel checklist is designed for your peace of mind – so you can leave on your trip well prepared. We’ve put together a great list of reminders to help reduce the stress of packing and preparing for your trip. We hope we have covered everything you might need on trip but our list is not definitive.

This is a travel packing checklist for all types of trips and destinationsNOT a list of items to bring on any particular trip! If you are going on a specific type of holiday then you can visit our “Holiday Gear List and Travel Tips” sections of this website and we also suggest you to read specific trip dossiers for more details. 

Airline Tickets. Does everyone have their flight tickets or e-ticket receipts. You can also print out your boarding pass 24 hours before your flight on the airlines website on domestic flights. Carefully review your tickets for any name spelling errors, date errors and secondary airline flight changes because airlines might give flights to other airlines. Know the type of Plane you are flying in so you are aware of any flight restrictions or preferences you have. Have the Airlines 800 #’s written down or in your cell phone.

Photo ID is a must (3 ID’s are better especially when leaving the country: driving license, valid passport and a birth certificate copy in case you lose your Passport.

Make photo copies of all your documentation, front and back, for someone else to hold to access them later in an emergency (drivers license, passport, birth certificate copy & medical needs) Write down credit cards numbers with the banks 800 number in case they’re lost or stolen.

Take 2 Credit Cards/Debit Cards, some money & travelers checks and know where they’re accepted. ATM locations if needed and have pin #s before you leave.

Do your laundry, tidy up your house & pay your bills before you leave.

Know that your home is secured and looked after. Notify Police, who to call in case of emergency. Let trusted neighbors know your plans. If home is unattended, do all the necessary preparations. Make sure your mail &news papers are taken care of, refrigerator, pets, yard, plants & water shut off if needed, just to name a few.(Always tell someone you know your travel plans especially if traveling solo).

Know your budget and what things will cost you at your destinations.

Know the Exchange Rates and where to get the best deals. Currency Converter. If you can, convert a small amount of your money in small denominations before you leave home to get familiar with each ones value and name.

Weather preparation (clothes and gear suitable for conditions)  for recommended Gear or Outdoor Gear Check List click here

Learn about your destination. Where not to go, local laws, Protect yourself & your valuables. Don’t forget any permits that you might need. If you have a Digital Camera take a picture of your contact information and protect the image in case you lose your camera and someone finds it they will know where to return it.

All your Gear has been tested checked and is in good condition. Always bring extra batteries.

Language Tools. Google online for Digital Translators.

Necessary Vaccinations or Immunizations if needed. Portable First Aid KitSun Screen, Lip Balm Be aware of things that make you more sensitive to the Sun, like high altitude, vitamins, medication, alcohol & reflection from sand, snow or water.

Travel Restrictions, warnings, medical coverage &Travel Insurance if needed. Travel Advice and Tips (Make copies of any important medical prescriptions for someone else to hold that might be needed if lost).

All reservations are confirmed before you leave. Write down Confirmation numbers and put Flights, Rental Cars, Hotels & Tours phone numbers in your cell phone.

Always examine your Rental Car for Damage before you leave. Remember that the credit card you use to rent the car might be covering you for insurance. Google online for Car Travel Check List.

Make Sure everyone in your group is aware of all the travel plans and Itinerary.Maps&GPS updated with locations.

Cell Phone &charge cord. Check with your cell phone provider to see if you have coverage in the places you are visiting. Write down and input emergency phone #s into your cell phone of the places you’re visiting (know your destinations #), hotel phone #, tour group phone #, car rental phone # & the airlines 800 # in case of flight changes, embassies, police, hospitals & your doctor to name a few. To save money on cell Phone roaming charges you can rent a travel phone, switch SIM cards, use internet (VOIP) or temporally switch to an overseas calling plan. 

Packed everything into luggage to see if it fits. Standard carry on luggage size ( 22” X 14” X 9” for a total of 45″) 40lb. limit, but, if it doesn’t fit in the over head or under the seat, it will have to be checked in, so know your planes limitations on all your flights. Security Measures & Banned items when you check in your bags make sure the tracking ticket has the name of the city of your final destination.

Airlines & Nice Day Pack to carry on. Use Xlarge Rolling Duffle Bag (Never leave your valuables unattended and protect your belongings at all times) Pack your most important valuables (tickets, money, electronics, Cameras with extra batteries and charger, etc., etc.) in your carryon and label all your luggage with your name, address & phone numbers with a tag that is easily identifiable. Also place ID     inside your checked in baggage incase the outside ID tag gets torn off. Also think about shipping your most important items ahead to avoid being lost by the airline.

Get second opinions about your trip, destination and gear. (Make your own personal Check List).

Getting a good night sleep is so important when traveling, so be prepared, a sleepy head is no fun, plus, your alertness is not as sharp as it should be so be extra careful on your adventures. 

Remember to stretch regularly and walk around on those long flights. Bring note paper and a pencil to write to help pass the time. Bring an inflatable pillow & something warm to wear if wanting to sleep on your flight. Also bring some healthy snacks because food is not always available.

Wash your hands especially after touching common areas when traveling. Bring Hand Wipes.

Though planning each day of your vacation is important, you should always leave time on your trip to be spontaneous.

Make sure that your Sense of Humor is with you at all times and know that no trip will ever be perfect.

Get a haircut, clip you nails & be well groomed before you travel.

Not sleeping good, not eating good and being out of your comfort zone makes everyone a little more susceptible to irritations from travel mates. So be aware that this is usually unavoidable even on short trips. Talk about these moments before you leave. Stay safe and stay in control. Enjoy!