Minglik Sar 6050m Climbing


Standard Climbing Route
Expedition Summary

Max Altitude: 6050m / 19849ft

Range: Karakoram

Ideal Duration: 18 days

Climbing: 2-3 days

Minglik Sar/Manglik Sar 6050m 

Minglig Sar (6050m) is located in the Shimshal Valley in Hunza neighboring the Chinese southern most mountain range Kun Lun.  Shimshal Lake sits at the base of the mountain near the Shimshal Pass(4735m).

This exciting trip takes you through the Shimshal gorge in the proximity of Wakhan Corridor and high pasture lands of the mysterious Pamirs on the dividing line between South Asia and central Asia. You will see large herds of yaks, sheep, goats and some times ibex grazing on these high grass lands. Snow leopard often visits these pastures for a goat or yak meal.

In our journey we will come across steep passes, glaciers, lakes and beautiful valleys. The famous historical Shimshal Pass was the route of Hunza raiders on trade caravans traveling over the Karakoram Pass between China and Indiain ancient times.

The trek to Minglig Sar starts from Shimshal Valley(3000m) to Wuch Furzeen (3365m) which is 7-9 hours walk. From Wuch Furzeen to Shuijherav (4350m) is 6-8 hours walk. It takes 3 hours to reach Shimshal Pass from Shuijherav. Shimshal Pass is the most pleasant camp sites near the crystal icy lake. It is possible to climb Minglig Sar from here in one day but requires good physical fitness,  acclimatization and obviously good luck with weather.

One of the great attractions and the highlight of this climb is that from the summit with some luck one can have a glimpse North Face of K2 far on the south eastern horizon

Shimshal Valley 

Shimshal is a beautiful village located in Gojal hunza. It lies at an altitude of 3,000m above sea level, and is the highest settlement in Hunza Valley of Pakistan. The total area is 3,800 km and inhabitant of around two thousand population with two hundred and forty households. The valley is situated in one of the remotest part of North Pakistan Karakorum Range.

Shimshal was isolated till 2002; north frontier works organization and private NGO’s built link road from Passu (KKH) to Shimshal valley. Shimshal Chapchigal Pass trek & climb Minglic SAR 6050m is similar mini expedition and strenuous trekking over Chafchingol pass to KKH Kuksil. There are several virgin peaks around the valley also trekking routes leads to different valleys e.g. KKH, Hisper valley, Pamir valleys and Biafo glacier over Kurdopine pass. The trip starts from Islamabad via the legendary Karakorum Highway to Passu (upper Hunza) and from KKH jeepable leads to Shimshal.

Holiday Itinerary



Arrive Islamabad
Arrive at Islamabad airport transfer to hotel, after noon welfare meeting with Alpine Club & sightseeing Islamabad: is new capital and well-planed city of Pakistan is lush green at the footsteps of potowar hills. Visit biggest Shah Faisal Mosque; also an interesting round trip combines a tour of Shakespearean park with visits to Damen-e-Koh, Lok Versa museum (to enjoy aerial views of Islamabad) and the Shrine of Syed Meher Ali Shah. Rawalpindi: is a lively, bustling city with the crowded streets and colorful bazaars, though it lacks the grand monuments: nonetheless, the bazaar should appeal to anyone with the desire to see the real Pakistan. Visit Raja Bazaar, Sarafa Bazaar and Moti Bazaar.


Islamabad- Chilas
Drive to Chilas on Karakorum highway 11-12hrs 461km, O/n at hotel Karakorum high way is 8th wonder of the world. The Karakorum Highway was constructed jointly by the Chinese and Pakistanis, begun in 1960s and finally constructed in 1976,s as a link road between Pakistan and China. It is an engineering wonder, but at the cost of many lives.


Chilas- Karimabad
Drive to Karimabad (Hunza) 6-7hrs, O/n at hotel Hunza’s 65, 000 inhabitants have been ruled by the Mirs, family since the 11th century. The people are cheerful, friendly, fair-skinned and blue or green eyes. Almost all are Ismalies (followers of the Aga Khan) the most progressive sect of Islam. In central Hunza, the people speak Burushaski and in upper Hunza they speak Wakhi. The miracle of the Hunzakuts longevity, supposedly resulting from their mostly vegetarian diet of cereals and fruits


Karimabad- Shimshal
Drive to Attaabad Lake, by boats to Gulmit and drive to Shimshal 4-5hrs 3000m Shimshal is farming and herding community of some 1100 inhabitants, situated at the north-eastern extreme of both the former principality of Hunza part of Gilgit District and the modern state of Pakistan. Most settlement occupies the upper portion of a valley, which descends west into the Hunza River valley at Passu, and which separates the Khunjerab and Hispar Mustagh ranges of the Karakorum Mountains. The villages are situated on a series of glacial and alluvial deposits that form a broad strip between the river’s floodplain and steep mountain slopes to the south. These deposits have been terraced for several hundred years. They are irrigated by the melt water nalas which currently dissect them. In addition, the lowest terraces are irrigated from the river itself. The cultivated area, covering about 250 hectares, lies between 3000 and 3300 meters above sea level, at the upper limits of single crop cultivation. People grow hardy cereals (wheat and barley), potatoes, peas and beans, apricots and apples. Small quantities of garden vegetables are also grown by some households. These are one of the few communities remaining in Pakistan’s Northern Areas


Shimshal- Furizin 3365m
Very early morning (at 5: 6 am) we start trek from Shimshal village here we cross the Shimshal river to Bandsar village. After an easy 2 hrs trek we reach to Pamirthung, again here we cross the Pamirthung River by suspension bridge to Garsar, which is almost steep climbing. Lunch at Garsar and have a spectacular view of Yazghil glacier, White Horn, Dastatgil SAR and other several peaks, you may see Kurdapin glacier as well. After lunch traverse trek to Pasthfuzin, which is located in a narrow valley. Over night in camp


Furizin- Arbab Parian 3931m
First 1hr is steep climb and decent to Woochfurzin, here are some huts and we continue decent to the hard part of the way to Pamirthung. Here we cross the bridge Chichan Bridge, Mr. Chichan donated money to build Pamirthung Bridge and it is called Chichan Bridge. After lunch 2hrs climb to Parinsar, from here we could see Maidur valley, Chashkin (6000m) peaks, Mangligh SAR (6050m) traverse walk to Arbab Parian.


Arbab Parian- Shuijerab 4350m
Today there is an easy trek to Shujarab 5-6hrs, which called summer settlement of Shimshalies and each year shepherds stay 3 to 4 months here with their cattle’s, sheep’s, goats and Yaks. O/night in camp


Shuijerab- Shimshal Pass 4745m/Showert
There is quite steep strenuous trek from Shujarab to Shimshal pass and onward to Gulchinwashk and here we reach lush green meadows a paradise for all adventure lovers; there are 2 beautiful lakes, lupwhooyee and Zaklayee. Here we camp near bank of the lake.


2 days for climb
Minglik SAR 6050m We have kept 2 full days to climb Mangalik SAR, start at mid night 2; 30 to climb Minglik SAR, if all climbers are well acclimatize it takes approximately 9 to 10hrs to reach summit and back. Please note that Mangalik SAR is not demanding or technical Mountaineering skills, of course you may need to know some basic climbing technique also required good physical fitness. From the summit you can see mighty K2, Veijarab valley, Yashkun gardan (7400m) Shimshal Mountains, Baraldu Valley, Mustagh ranges, Pamir and Kanjut SAR 7760m.


Shimshal Pass- Shujerab
Trek down to Shjujerab. Overnight in tents


Shujerab- Aurbab Peryain
Trek down to Aurbab Peryain. Overnight in tents


Fourizin- Shimshal
Trek down to Shimshal village. Overnight in tents


Shimshal- Karimabad
Drive back to Gulmit, by boats to Attaabad Lake and drive Karimabad. Overnight at hotel


Karimabad/Altit- Duiker
Morning visit Baltit Fort (700 year old), Alit village and Altit Fort (900 years old), after noon drive to Duiker valley (Roof the world), you are very close to Lady finger 6000m, Ultar Sar 7300m and very nice views of Rakaposhi 7788m, Diran Peak 7266m and Golden peak 7027m. Overnight at Eagles Nest hotel Duikel


Duiker- Besham
Drive to Besham 9-10 hrs, overnight at hotel Besham is a little transit village now beginning to assume the features of a modern town and has the trappings of modern civilization- petrol stations, cafes, restaurants, hotels, barber shops and bazaars. It is the junction for Swat valley via the scenic Shangala Pass into Khawzakhela; Kaghan valley via Manshera and Gilgit.


Besham- Islamabad
Drive to Islamabad 6-7hrs, overnight at hotel Besham is a little transit village now beginning to assume the features of a modern town and has the trappings of modern civilization – petrol stations, cafes, restaurants, hotels, barber shops and bazaars. It is the junction for Swat valley via the scenic Shangala Pass into Khawzakhela; Kaghan valley via Manshera and Gilgit.


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