K2 from China

K2 Trek from Kashgar-China

Key Destinations

Bishkek- Naryn-Torugart Pass- Kashgar-Yarkand
Kargilik- Yilik- Aghil pass- K2 South Base Camp
Trip Summary

Daily Walking : 6-8 Hours

Max Altitude : 5200 m/17060 ft

Duration : 22-25 Days

Trekking : 15 Days


Trip Highlights

      • Historical Silk Road cities Kasghar and Yarkand
      • Local people as Uyghur communities, Kazak, Mongol, Kyrgyz nomads.
      • One of the world`s remotest trekking adventures
      • Experience the picturesque Chinese Karakoram 


Trip Overview 

The North base camp of K2 lies in a remote corner of China’s Xingjiang province. Only a handful of people have ever travelled to this isolated mountain wilderness on the north side of the Karakoram Range. Recently opened to foreigners, this is one of the most unspoilt and least visited parts of the entire Himalayas. The mighty Yarkand and Shagskam rivers drain the waters flowing north from the great Karakoram peaks and carve deep channels through the mountainous landscape. The valleys here are at a much lower altitude than those on the Pakistan side of the range, giving a greater vertical height gain to the high summits. Many thousands of trekkers and climbers have seen the majestic Karakoram 8000m peaks from the Pakistan side, but few have ventured on the long trek through China to view K2, Broad Peak and the Gasherbrums from the north.

Sir Francis Younghusband became the first western explorer to see the north side of K2 during his epic 1887 journey to cross the Old Muztagh Pass. This trek follows the same route, approaching the mountains along the valleys of the Yarkand and Shagskam rivers. The area was first explored in detail and mapped by members of Eric Shipton’s 1937 ‘Blank on the Map’ expedition. Even a hardened traveller like Shipton was overwhelmed by the scenery.

The highest point reached on the trek to base camp is the 4,870m Aghil Pass. From here, there is a magnificent view of the high peaks of the Karakoram range. The Shagskam River cannot be forded safely in the summer months; therefore travel in this area is restricted to the spring and autumn. This expedition takes place in March/April, Late August/October before and after the intense heat of the summer and the water levels in the rivers are reduced.

Holiday Itinerary



Arrive Bishkek and Drive to Naryn
Arrival in Bishkek in the morning(5 o clock). Meeting at the airport. Transfer to Naryn. Lunch with Kyrgyz family. Transfer to Naryn. Accommodation at the guest house or Yurt Meals: Lunch and Dinner



Naryn to Torugart Pass and Kashgar (Bus 160 km)
Early in the morning transfer to Torugart border. At the end of the valley the road swings Eastwards around the southern tip of the At Bashi range and climbs towards Torugart pass (3752 m). Arriving to the border. Crossing the border and meeting with Chinese Local Guide. Drive to Kashgar (8-9 hours Drive) Meals: (8-9 hours) (Incl: B-L-D) O/N Hotel (3 Star).



Drive to Kargilik (Jeep 245 km)
On this section of the journey we travel in 4-wheel drive cars - most likely Toyota Landcruisers. Driving south from Kashgar the road crosses a large level plain, following the historic trade route, which led to the Karakoram pass and British India. On clear days the snow covered peaks of the Kongur / Muztag Ata massif can be seen to the west. (4-5 hrs) (Incl: B-L-D) O/N Hotel



Drive to Yilik via Mazar Darra
Once we leave the fertile fields of Kargilik the terrain becomes dry and dusty. The road climbs a dramatic series of hairpin bends to reach the summit of a 3,150 m mountain pass, and then drops down the other side towards the Kudi river valley. After lunch the road follows the river valley rising relentlessly to the top of a 5,000 m road pass. Another dramatic descent takes us to the army checkpoint at Mazar beside the Yarkand River. Here we leave the Xinjiang/Tibet highway and follow a dirt road into the mountains to reach our first camp site Yilik located at the junction with the Surakwat River. There is a small army post here overlooking a steep sided gorge. A modern bridge crosses the river and leads to our camp on a grassy patch at a height of 3,500 m. (10 hrs) (Incl: B-L-D) O/N Camping



Hike Yilik to Sarak
We meet with our camel drivers and load the entire group's equipment onto their animals. The terrain underfoot becomes more difficult as we follow the valley of the Surakwat River past the junction with the Zug Shagskam. Much of the walking is on smooth “river washed” stones. High cliffs of river deposited conglomerate rise on either side of the narrow valley. After 5-6 hours we reach a small campsite on a terrace overlooking a tributary of the main river (3,800m). (5-6hrs) (Incl: B-L-D) O/N Camping



Hike Sarak to Kotaz
The valley turns into a narrow gorge in places as we follow the river higher into the mountains along a faint path made by the nomadic herders who visit this area in the summer months. We turn up a side valley to reach some abandoned mud and stone huts where we camp at a height of 4,330 m below the Aghil pass. (5-6hrs) (Incl: B-L-D) O/N Camping



Hike Kotaz to Kergin /Quinghongtan - Crossing Aghil Pass
The ascent of the 4,870m Aghil pass is quite gentle and takes approx 3 hrs. From the top there is a panoramic view of the great snow covered peaks of the Karakoram in the distance. The descent into the valley of the Shagskam River is straightforward. On reaching the silt laden river we ride the camels to reach the campsite on the other side. We camp in a grove of willow bushes at 3,950 m, the only green in this dry landscape. (7-8hrs) (Incl: B-L-D) O/N Camping



Hike Kergin/Quinghongtan to Ottur Jungal
A slight drop in altitude today as we follow the Shagskam River downstream to the junction with the Sarpo Laggo River. The river meanders across the 2 km wide flood plan and we must cross it several times. If the level is low we can wade. High water levels (or a dislike of freezing water) can cause us to climb onto the camels. Camp is at 3,800 m. (7-8 hrs) (Incl: B-L-D) O/N Camping



Hike Ottur Jungal to Sughet Jangal-(Chinese Base Camp of K2)
Shortly after leaving camp we get our first clear view of K2 as we climb a small shoulder above camp. It is then an easy walk south along the Sarpo Lago river valley to the green campsite at Sughet Jangal (3,900 m). (4 hrs) (Incl: B-L-D) O/N Camping



Rest day at Sughet Jangal-Chinese Base Camp
This camping spot was used by Younghusband in 1887 and was the base camp site of Shipton's 1937 “Blank on the Map” expedition. It is now known as “Chinese base camp” although expeditions attempting K2 from this side use several advance camps on the North K2 glacier. We spend the day packing and preparing for the climbing program: sorting supplies of food fuel and equipment. (Incl: B-L-D) O/N Camping



Trek to Pakistan Base Camp
Within three days trekking towards Yengisogat glacier and Crown peak, we get stunning views of peaks towering over 7000 meters, then back to BC. Mount Crown 7265 m. is the highest peak of the Hill Yengisogat range in the Chinese Karakoram. Its local name is Huangguan and that means "crown of the emperor": Maybe even more than K2 it completely dominates the scene of the range which is in, being, (apart from her secondary northern peak, 6853 meter Dezhi peak), more than 1000 meter higher than its surrounding peaks. It is splendidly white, adding to her majestic look. The extreme beauty of the area has led to a growing popularity for trekking parties in recent years. (B, L, D) O/N Camping



Pakistan Base Camp to Italian Base Camp



Rest at Italian Base Camp



Trek back to Chinese B.C
Today we trek back to chinese bc



Trek from Sughet Jangal to Ottur Jangal
Today we will pack all our equipment and retrace our steps back to Yilik



Trek from Ottur Jangal to Kergin



Trek from Kerqin to Kotaz by Crossing Aghil Pass



Trek from Kotaz to Sarak



Trek from Sarak to Yilik



Drive to Kargilik (Jeep 245 km)
From Yilik we follow dirt roads out of the mountains, crossing two high passes to reach the town of Kargilik (Yecheng) on the plains. (Incl: B-L-D) O/N Hotel



Drive to Kashgar (Jeep 275 km)
In the morning we take our jeep to Kashgar with 4 hours. After arriving - reorganizing and outfitting equipment. In the afternoon, free time (Incl: B-L-D) O/N Hotel



Today we have a full day of rest and look around this fascinating oasis city located on the historic silk route. Modern Kashgar is actually two cities which coexist in a sometimes surreal juxtaposition of the ancient and modern. The population is split into two very different communities: Uyghur Muslims and Han Chinese. During a full day of sightseeing we visit the Id kah Mosque, the Akbar Hoja tomb, the old town and bazaar, and the sights of modern Chinese Kashgar including the huge statue of Mao towering above People's park. We also reorganize and outfit our equipment, shopping necessity. (Incl: B-L-D) O/N Hotel



Kashgar/Torugart /Naryn
After breakfast, drive to the Torugart Pass; crossing the China-Kyrgyzstan border; drive to Naryn; yurt accommodation. (Incl: B-L-D)



Drive to Bishkek from Naryn



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